Boudoir Photography

There is an incredible amount of gratification that comes from making people feel good. Better than good, sexy! We all have a little (or a lot) of that inside of us either right under the surface or buried deep. We also all have some shyness too. It’s what makes us feminine, humble and real.

A little known fact is it only takes the right set of circumstances to let it out. For everyone. Even the shyest of the shy. Even if your preference is layering pieces on instead of shedding them. Shooting a boudoir does just that which is why it’s one of my favorite photo shoots to be in on. They are packed full of beauty, allure and vulnerability. And together, you and I will discover the right and comfortable way to let your inner beauty, softness and confidence come out.

I promise by the end you will feel strong, empowered and wildly sexy.

What you get with your boudoir photography
  • 1 hour photo session including 5 images in high resolution, fully retouched, in colour and black and white.
  • A private link to all your proofs

Outdoor: $225 per hour
Home: $250 per hour
Studio: $275 per hour

Please contact me for a custom quote.