Family Photography

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most room in our hearts. Children of all ages are those small things. Childhood is magical and rambunctious crazy. Add a sibling or two and it takes a small village or a very skilled mom to keep them entertained.

Children grow like weeds and their little lives never stop changing. They must be continually documented but not by school portraits on tacky backdrops. Children are full of ‘in the moment’ nuttiness that jolts our energy and brings giggles to all of us that are fortunate enough to be present. Those moments are not to be missed and I love capturing them with a fresh and modern approach.

I’ve been told I have an eye for unique perspectives which is necessary when crawling over Hot Wheels, building blocks or multiple Barbie’s after a quick moving toddler or an energetic 6 year old that fidgets when he thinks he is sitting still.

What you get with family photography
    • 1 hour photo session including 5 images in high resolution, fully retouched, in colour and black and white.
    • A private link to all your proofs

Outdoor: $225 per hour
Home: $250 per hour
Studio: $275 per hour